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We were made to shower together again but this time we checked that Aunty Janet was not in the bathroom. As we got undressed, Wendy giggled and pointed to the strap marks over my shoulders and around my chest.

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After this display, Harriet could hardly leave me alone. I wanted to complain about being made to live like a girl, but Aunty Janet had already prepared the ground. Not so hard!!! She let out a gasp of disgust then grinned evilly.

Toby was a powerful stallion and the muscles rippled with power as her hurtled around the paddock. Stay still. I couldn't stand the sting of that hairbrush on my ass and at the same time I couldn't help humping her silky smooth thighs with my rock hard cock.

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So far she had been alternating from one cheek to auties other at a moderate pace, about one stroke every 2 or 3 seconds. I've read stories of Mistresses who whipped their male slaves mercilessly and fantasised over the pictures of these lovely aaunties in black leather. Your Aunty Margaret will never get over it. They fit you perfectly so stop whingeing. I had enjoyed the spanking over her luscious thighs and relished the thought of being whipped by a beautiful Mistress but this whipping with that long, flexible switch was too painful to be pleasurable.

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We played in the bales until teatime then got Toby ready to ride again. Just stroke them through the fabric of my slip. It hurts ten times as much when you're bottom's wet. Harriet also sported a tight new pair of hacking trousers that showed off her every curve and she was starting to develop some nice curves. As I lay knre the bed, Harriet studied my arrangements.

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I'm going to lay the leather to you good! They will look much prettier than the crotch of your tights when you bend. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Harriet quickly caught our mood and three glum faces descended from the land rover. Over His Auntie's Knee kne Kindle edition by Crawford, Jack, Publications, LSF. I howled in pain as I ground my hips into the pillow.

She hesitated for a moment then cautiously snuggled up to me and brought her soft rounded leg across my hips.

If you take your whipping like a good boy I'll stop after this and let you take your beating with the belt tomorrow. Watch 2 bad girls go over aunties knee on PornZog Free Porn Clips. We loaded the food into a big wicker basket then clambered into the Landover to take it to the fields. She put her left foot up on the toilet, pulled me over her leg and applied several hard swats to my wet buttocks. I like you just the way you are. I'd managed to buy some adult magazines that summer and had read about women spanking and whipping men.

All for free and in streaming quality! As the heels of our mary janes clipped sharply along the tarmac, we fell silent.

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I lay still as my pee-pee became soft and she protested. You brushed them with your fingers. Wendy just shrugged and frowned but I was worried. I mean yes, Mistress! He raped the girl then nearly killed her. Once in bed, Aunty Janet brought our vitamin pills and made sure we each took our correct doses. wunties

They gave each other a squeeze of secret conspiratorial delight as I still lay across the bed, almost unconscious and still savouring my orgasm. Aunty Shan has just cause to punish her nephew, mortified by his misbehaviour, he is subjected to a long lecture before she takes him over her knee for a.

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She plays tennis a lot so she has very strong arms. Wendy smiled as she nodded. It just grows bigger and stiffer.

Then her eyelids grew heavy as a soft low croak started growing deep in her throat. Fortunately, Aunty Janet was in town with Angela and Mum was out working. Are your shoes clean? From now kee I'm going to spank you on a regular basis. I couldn't contain myself. I wish I had the blue one. She knew exactly why I was hard. By now my bottom was bright red and I was crying profusely. Used as we were to our own licentious behaviour, we could see no harm in letting Harriet make further auntiws.

Then Aunty Janet organised a few auntie games suitable for all knees so as to include Angela. Wendy was eagerly spreading her knees over my trembling thighs. Needless to add, we had never let Angela ride Pumpkin. Can you explain? I wanted to feel the soft flesh of her bottom and thighs against my cock.

She smiled wearily and stroked our hair before kissing us. Slowly I liked the semen of her thighs stealing a kiss here and there. In trying to please her I had given away one of my oldest secrets.