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The work that he did in our community was truly transformative. He started with fun, meaningful drawing workshops and assemblies. In these assemblies he introduced students and faculty to his mission as an artist: to spread kindness and happiness throughout the world.

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Looking for a smile Boston Massachusetts wi

I wondered if we should leave it in the Petrifying Springs Park in Kenosha, WI, near where we live but she wants to keep it. Stokes School Levittown, N.

Give Kids A Smile

Christie Harvey, Ed. This was definitely the highlight of the school year!

He not only gave my students a beautiful mural to look at each day, but he also gave them the confidence to believe that each of them is an artist. He delighted not only the students and teachers here but also the surrounding community.

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He is kind, compassionate, understanding and caring. Dr. During his time at our school we got to participate in art drops as well where he Massachusette his works for strangers to find as part of his Smile Campaign. The workshop received a lot of positive feedback and there were many participants that would like Bren to visit Boston College again.

Give Kids A Smile

I stopped myself at two, maybe three tears as they unveiled the mural dedication in my honor. Bren is a true treasure!

The children were so inspired by Bren's art that they have continued drawing at home and school since his visit. After reviewing his website and speaking with him I knew we must get him to North Street!

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What were the chances of this family finding a painting in Las Vegas? By the end of the week the mural was complete. Fast forward to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. He made such an impact on our entire community - students, teachers, administration, and parents. Care for Your Smile We are always looking for ways to make your experience better.

We loved hosting Bren at Ligon and look forward to his return to Ligon next year! My Kindergartener even left messages and drawings around our house encouraging people to take his art and smile—just like he learned from Bren!

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B was very fun and it was interesting to be his student. They were so excited to see their artwork incorporated into the school mural.

Throughout Mr. Not only are smiles shared at our school each time we look at the mural, but we are strengthening our community. He completely transformed our students, staff, and building with his positive energy and art work. It's hard to believe it was just this week! Bren was patient and kind with the many students that wanted to speak with him as he was working to finish our mural, and ensured each one was heard.

Smlle worked at the Jefferson Elementary School in Rockland, MA for a few days and transformed student work into a masterpiece.

Looking for a smile Boston Massachusetts wi

We've always taught our children to accept everyone for who they are, to be curious of others in a respectful manner of course. Bren's work in our school, combined with the kindness that radiates from him, was a Bren's 'smile project' quickly Mzssachusetts hold, and students were looking for ways kids read Bren's biography, they begged me to get him to visit La Crosse, WI.

Looking for a smile Boston Massachusetts wi

>>> I wondered if we should leave it in the Ssmile Springs Park in Kenosha, WI, near. Picture 18 high school students, tired after lunch and a full morning of classes, itching to take out their phones and send one last text, thinking about the test or quiz later in the day, or what their friend just told them in the hallway.

I reached out to Bren - and he immediately contacted me back. I have had the pleasure of the "Bren Bataclan Experience" as a parent and as a teacher.

Every member of the staff and visitor had nothing but high praise for Bren's work as they passed by the mural while in progress. Bren will always have a home away from home here at Browns Point. The final project Bren created exemplifies and memorializes our philosophies in teaching and learning in the 21st century.

Looking for a smile Boston Massachusetts wi

The result was a sensational mural that students, staff and parents love! As a result of the students being so invested in Bren's message, we decided to invite him back to paint a mural in our computer lab. Bauer has extensive experience in providing excellent restorative and cosmetic dentistry to Since then she has completed a mini residency in Dental Sleep Medicine at the prestigious Loo,ing University in Boston, Massachusetts.

This allows the Bosto to better see the impact of the characters they create on others, especially when they become a collective mural.

Smile Boston Project Bren Bataclan

Our mural will be treasured for years to come and our entire population was inspired to share the love and bring smiles to those near and far! Keep smiling!

Looking for a smile Boston Massachusetts wi

Today we were asked to attend a short assembly to thank Bren for all his artistic work. Bren built a lot of relationships in his short time with us and will be remembered for a long time.

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The kids were inspired to share their art with others as often as possible, and asked for him to come back next year! His impact here was everlasting. They would stop as they passed him working, and he was very kind to the boys and girls, answering their questions patiently.